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Johana Martinez
Content Marketing Lead
15 Aug
22 Apr
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Mavity boosts Digiphy's success with an animated pitch deck for its demoday

In the digital world; companies are constantly challenged to stand out from the crowd and captivate their audience in a meaningful way. In this quest to achieve excellence in consumer interaction and make a real impact both in real life and online; comes Digiphy; an innovative startup that has merged QR codes and mobile landing pages to create a new marketing channel.

In this case study; we will explore how Mavity; the leading platform for connecting creative talent with businesses to develop creative projects; worked closely with Digiphy to design a pitch deck that would make a significant impact in the marketplace.

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Digiphy lacked an effective approach to present its vision to potential investors. To drive growth and raise capital; they needed a proper pitch deck to convey their message clearly. Mavity took on the challenge of developing a pitch deck that would convincingly and effectively present Digiphy's vision. This project was not only a pitch deck; but an opportunity to improve the connection with their target audience and convey confidence; professionalism and security.

The pitch deck is a fundamental tool in all phases of the startup creation and growth process. From the conception of the idea to the search for funding; the pitch deck is a key tool to effectively convey the objectives; the business model and the potential of the company to potential investors and partners. Learn here the proper structure of how to make a good pitch deck.


The project consisted in the creation of an animated pitch deck that would be presented during a Demo Day addressed to key investors. This pitch deck represented a unique opportunity for Digiphy to stand out from the competition and secure the financial backing needed to carry out its ambitious expansion plans. The main objectives were:

Maintain the existing graphic line: Ensure that the pitch deck reflected Digiphy's visual identity to reinforce its brand and establish consistency in all its communications.

Raise capital: Present an animated deck that communicated the necessary information in a compelling way to capture the interest and investment of potential investors.

Share the value proposition: Clearly and effectively convey Digiphy's unique vision so that investors would understand the potential of the new marketing channel.


At Mavity we have an extensive network of more than 15;000 highly skilled freelance creatives and experts in diverse areas. This broad community of talent allows us to offer companies the opportunity to hire a customized creative team that perfectly fits the needs of their projects; learn more here How to hire creative freelancers for your business

Project Process

This project was divided into several key stages to ensure a strategic approach and effective execution:

Hiring of creative team: This project was led and executed by a Project Manager and had the collaboration of a highly skilled graphic designer experienced in creating decks and animations who was in charge of all the development of the deck conceptualization and its respective animations.

The synergy between the creative and the Project Manager was essential for the success of the project. The graphic designer contributed with his creative vision and design experience; while the Project Manager was in charge of reviewing each deliverable; optimizing time; establishing a clear timeline and ensuring that each step of the process was carried out smoothly. In addition; the Project Manager became the key liaison between the creative team and the client; providing constructive feedback and ensuring smooth and effective communication at all stages of the project.

Creation of "look and feel" proposals: Mavity's creative team worked on the generation of three distinct visual proposals. Each proposal was based on reflecting Digiphy's personality and brand values.

Approval of the visual approach: After submitting the three proposals; Digiphy selected the visual approach that best represented its identity and message. The approved proposal served as the basis for the development of the animated deck.

Script development: With the visual approach established; Mavity's creative team worked on writing and editing the script for the deck. They fine-tuned the key messages and ensured that the narrative flowed logically and persuasively.

Animation and production: Using tools such as After Effects; Keynote; Illustration and Figma; the creative brought the deck to life. Animations were carefully tailored to Digiphy's specific needs to increase visual appeal and viewer retention.

Review and Refinement: Mavity's Project Manager worked closely with the creative team and Digiphy throughout the process; making revisions and adjustments based on feedback to ensure client satisfaction and the effectiveness of the pitch deck.

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Thanks to the hard work and creativity of the Mavity team; Digiphy's animated pitch deck was a resounding success at its investor Demo Day. Key results included:

  • An engaging and professional presentation that captured the investors' attention from the get-go.
  • The ability to clearly; creatively; and effectively communicate Digiphy's value proposition; which generated increased interest in the new marketing channel.
  • Some nearby investors have expressed interest in holding a second meeting in order to deepen their understanding of its value proposition.


Animated pitch deck for its demoday

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Digiphy's case study exemplifies how the collaboration of a skilled creative team can transform the way companies present their ideas and interact with key investors.

Mavity demonstrated its ability to understand Digiphy's specific needs and translate them into an animated deck that left a lasting impression. By leveraging creative tools; Mavity helped drive Digiphy's success.

If your company is also looking to revamp its deck and receive investment to reach new growth horizons; Mavity is the solution! Our on-demand creative team is ready to help you drive your vision and connect with your audiences effectively.

Contact us today and let us be part of your success!

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