Case study of VTS, a New York startup who hired Mavity to create their visual assets for a sales event, using engaging animations and audiovisual technology.

VTS is a Proptech commercial real estate management platform, making it the most widely used software in commercial real estate and is designed to help property owners, managers and brokers manage their property portfolios more efficiently to maximize their property revenues.

Competition in the New York real estate market is getting tougher and tougher. To stand out in this saturated market, VTS decided to use innovative technology to improve its sales presentations and generate a positive effect on its audience by organizing a conference to present its services to landlords and tenants. The idea was to convince building and lot owners that they should adopt the VTS system to improve the efficiency of their leases and make them more profitable.

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Mavity's challenge was to make the presentation engaging and memorable, and not just another boring real estate sales event. The VTS team wanted the presentations to be exciting and generate a lasting impact on attendees.


Motion Graphics

This was done by hiring an animator who developed 28 animations of 10 seconds each, which were shown in a slideshow, on a 3840x770 screen. One of the main animations consisted of a general plan of a city whose buildings could be transformed into digital twins and show data moving around them. The other contracted role was a Motion Graphics slide designer, who made 6 animations that were shown in the hallway leading to the main auditorium.


This project was executed and managed by a project manager (provided by Mavity), the result of this project was exceptional and the audience really appreciated it.  


Keynote Deck

A 2D presentation was also created to introduce the CEO and COO of VTS. The presentation included a layout design based on the brand guidelines, creative and clean design, animations based on visual assets and a precise organization to convey the company's message clearly and effectively.


Video Interviews

Mavity built a production team that was able to capture the essence of the project by recording interviews with the key players and capturing them in high-quality videos.

The skill and ability of the production team allowed them to add visual effects and enrich the final audiovisual content, which undoubtedly contributed to the excellence and professionalism of the final result. Mavity's dedication and commitment to achieve the project's objectives and exceed the client's expectations is always the priority.

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Tools used

The design team did an impeccable job using state-of-the-art tools such as After Effects and Premiere to work on the audiovisual part. Figma, Illustration and Photoshop to conceptualize the animations and also used Google Slides, PowerPoint and Keynote to make the presentations.

The creativity and technical expertise of the Mavity team was reflected in the design of the graphics, the selection of colors and the choice of fonts to convey the information clearly and effectively. In addition, the creative team had the ability to adapt to the needs of the project and propose innovative solutions that were undoubtedly key elements in successfully achieving the objectives.  

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The entire process of conceptualizing and producing the presentations took approximately one month. Mavity provided advice to the company on how to present their speech and deck, advising on how to improve the initial idea. After conceptualization, Mavity's design and animation team, including the Project Manager assigned to this project, started working on the assets creation, having a quick turnaround time to deliver before the event day.

During the event, in New York, the production and logistics team ensured all the visual assets displayed in a proper way and recorded some video interviews of the attendees.


The event was a success, all the logistics were on point and the attendees were amazed with the organization of VTS. High-quality visual resources, innovative presentations, a top-notch production team and Mavity's project manager ensured that the project was at the highest level required.

The successful execution of this project allowed VTS to expand into new horizons, attracting a broad spectrum of clients and investors, which was reflected in the received Series E investment of $125,000,000 led by CBRE in the New York real estate market.

At Mavity, we are committed to delivering high-quality results that drive business growth and allow companies to stand out in their market.

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At Mavity, we want to demonstrate that innovation and creativity can be powerful tools to stand out in a competitive market. This VTS case study proves it, thanks to our innovative creative tools and assets.

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