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At Mavity, we empower creatives through our AI platform, streamlining design and marketing tasks for individuals and teams.

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Optimize your creative project development times by 65% with our AI Tool.


Upload your brand (or more) and get customized AI-generated outputs:

Add 10 brands or more.
Keep your workspace prompted with all your brands

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Gather your team in one workspace to seamlessly collaborate across Mavity’s features.

Assign Docs and requests to any member.
Don’t miss any detail. All your creative projects in one place.

AI platform

Use modules with advanced prompts for more accurate results.

No more prompting!
Create articles, social media copies, website copies, and more with your brand's identity in minutes!

Workflows Coming soon!

Use automated workflows that will guide you step by step to create monthly tasks in just minutes.

Our platform will guide you through every task and suggest an AI module to make it a reality!
Combine results to obtain new outcomes.
Complete a month's worth of work in just a few hours!

How does it work?


Sign up, create a workspace and add your team


Upload your brand(s)


Go to your AI Tool Kit


Select a category


Select your preferred module and write your input, you my also pick a brand for more accurate results.


Generate and get amazing results

Start optimizing your time right away!

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"What I like most about Mavity is connecting with people from all over the world, and having them recognize our work. Also the payments we've received for these projects have been quite good!”
Graphic Designer
"What I like most about Mavity is how organized the projects are. You always have a defined deadline, which prevents the work from exceeding its time frame, making them more profitable."
Graphic Designer
"The communication with them is super comfortable, super easy, everything that needs to be done is very clear, which has made the process very easy."
Graphic Designer

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