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Increase your efficiency in 65% and reduce your budget in 40%

Optimize design and marketing processes with AI prompt modules, and outsource your tasks to top, talented on-demand teams.

Our core purpose

Why Mavity?

The main reasons why projects fail are:


Lack of

Project Manager

This is why we
created Mavity

Your all-in-one design and marketing platform that integrates AI and on-demand creative teams.

Ideal for fundraising or high growth businesses:


Don’t have an in house creative team, or is very reduced.


Reduced in-house creative team. Limited budget for new hirings.

AI powered solutions

Prompting is over!


Upload your brand(s) and Mavity will generate the outputs with your guidelines adapted to your communication and design.

AI platform

AI modules are pre-prompted to deliver the perfect output for each task. So, stop worrying about how to communicate with AIs; we've already started the conversation.

How does it work?


Go to your AI Tool Kit


Select a category


Select your preferred module and write your input


Generate and get amazing results

Get a full month work in less than an hour!

AI powered solutions

Prompting is over!

Get a top talented on-demand team to create your assets in no time

A curated team of creative experts is ready to bring your most exciting ideas to life. Empowered by AI tools, the team operates with increased efficiency, delivering high-quality assets within tight deadlines.

Get a Project Manager to
lead the project

With your project manager in control, expect clear communication, effective leadership, and deliverables that consistently meet high standards.

Efficiency is no longer expensive

Explore our intuitive platform and AI powered creative solutions. Interested?

Trusted by companies around the world

Excellent 4.7 out of 5
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"I worked with Mavity to create a pitch deck for my accelerator's demo day! They were communicative, thoughtful in their approach, and ended up providing a beautiful deck. I would use them again when needed graphic design support and a quick turnaround!"
Gabriel Huertas
CEO and Co-founder, Arch
"The Mavity team helped us build our website and initial company branding. They were extremely responsive and flexible, always willing to make adjustments as we needed them. We would recommend them to any start-up that could use design/UX/UI support!"
Melanie Mathewson
Chief of Staff, Civin
"Great communication every step of the way and they were on time with their deliverables. We had a quick turnaround time to get a deck together for Techstars Demo Day and they got it done! Couldn't be happier."
Shawn Janik
Co-founder, Flustr