Skyrocketting teams
‍‍Supercharging skills and creative potential.

We're obsessed with teams. We believe the high performing, creative teams can take on any obstacle and completely challenge the status quo. That's why we're so proud of what we've built and the team members who've joined our mission.

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Our vision

To potentialize the human mind with creativity, collaboration and co-creation.

We help companies with their creative assets by connecting them with highly efficient creative teams. We understand the level of complexity to communicate products and services in different markets. This is why we created Mavity: the global collaboration tool for creative teams.

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News and press

We're happy when others talk about our achievements and our mission.

Our values

Oversharing and over-communicating is our way to go. Whether it's with our clients, our users or in-house team, we want to put all the cards on the table, so we can all find the best possible solution.
Made with passion
Everything we do should come from our heart. When things are made with passion, it shows. From the smaller details to the big picture, passion has to be the main character in everything we deliver.
When you work and collaborate with people, every interaction should be based on empathy.
We always try to understand people’s background and circumstances.
Better together
Team work is the dream work. We believe that working together in collaboration is the best way to get the results we set our mind into. That’s why we put the team first in every situation achieving top-notch results we sell.

Say hey to the new team economy, join us!

We’re a team of creators, designers, musicians, developers, data scientists, marketers and above all: bold, ambitious humans. Don’t change the dream, change the world. We invite you to change it with us.

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Market leaders in building on-demand creative teams for startups and businesses


The team grew + new investors

Investments from Capital Innovators and Pharrell Williams through the Black Ambition Fund.

Mavity focuses on digital and remote teams with the incorporation of a Head of Design from Barcelona and a Growth Manager from Medellín.


Rebrand, Google investment, and more...

Rebranded from Stereotheque to "Mavity" with a focus on creative projects and remote teams.

Received investment from Techstars, Oasis Capital and Google For Startups.

Launched messaging and Team Builder on the platform.

Hired a Project Manager and Head of Community from Bogotá and a Head of Sales and Partnerships from Dublin.


Now we're here!

L'Attitude Ventures expands its investment in Mavity, thanks to the results of what we are doing.

Gaingels and Papaventures investments.

Development of core APIs and custom workflows for clients.

Addition of new members in key areas such as design, creative community, project management and web development from Guatemala, Mexico and Colombia.

Mavity has become a market leader in building on-demand creative teams for startups and small businesses, and its success continues to grow as does its team.

Our mantras

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The dream team

Building the next chapter of creative collaboration

Our philosophy is simple — build a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
Tomás Uribe
Co-founder & CEO
Former founder at manufacturing co, ex-United Nations, former head of marketing at startup.
Kristian Diaz
Co-founder & CTO
Led engineering and AI teams at Newsela, Royal Caribbean, and Admirable.
juan soto
Juan Soto
Formerly at Universal Music, SEAT, and Kuack Media
We’re hiring!

Meet our team

We've always envisioned building a distributed team with passion, grit, and the attitude to embrace the challenges that come with building a company that drives global impact.
manuela pereira
Manuela Pereira
Head of Sales
paula mogollon
Paula Mogollón
Head of Projects
johana martinez
Johana Martínez
Growth Manager
gabriela duran
Gabriela Durán
Head of Design
john davila
John Dávila
Software Engineer
jackie frysz
Jackie Frysz
Head of Community
maria jose echeverri
Maria José Echeverri
Chief of Staff
lola diaz
Lola Díaz
Project Manager
adriana de los rios
Adriana de los Ríos
Project Manager
javier jimenez
Javier Jiménez
Head of Enterprise
vanessa rosales
Vanessa Rosales
Designer & Community Manager
Alfonso López
Senior Software Engineer
raymundo ledezma
Raymundo Ledezma
Senior Software Engineer
Juan Camilo Romero
Junior Software Developer
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We're hiring!