Successful reBranding for "Soy Moni"

Johana Martinez
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8 Jun
22 Apr
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Enhancing brand identity to drive financial wellness in Latin America.

Soy Moni; formerly known as Agovest; was a Techstars-backed financial platform dedicated to improving the financial well-being of female employees in companies. Its goal was to increase productivity and job satisfaction by providing professional and entrepreneurial women in Latin America with the tools they need to manage their finances and grow their wealth. Soy Moni strived to guide its users to financial freedom by creating customized plans and connecting them with the best financial products and solutions tailored to their unique needs.

The project carried out by Mavity for Soy Moni consisted of a reBranding that involved changing the Agovest brand name to one that would generate an effective impact on the Latin American market "Soy Moni". While it was necessary for the new name to be aligned with the existing brand guidelines; the main objective was to improve and strengthen its connection with the target audience. In addition; a secondary objective was to develop a strong brand identity that reflected Soy Moni's values and conveyed trust; professionalism; and financial security.

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Project Process

The Soy Moni reBranding project was divided into several key stages to ensure a strategic approach and effective execution:

Hiring of the creative team: This project was led and executed by a Project Manager and had the collaboration of a highly skilled and experienced graphic designer in Branding who was in charge of the naming process; making sure to propose relevant and effective names for the brand and the development of the visual identity. The joint work of the creative team and the coordination of the project manager allowed us to achieve a coherent reBranding that reflected Soy Moni's vision and objectives.

Name research and proposal: Extensive research was conducted to identify potential names that met the requirements of the project. These names were carefully evaluated in terms of their availability and relevance to the Latin American market.

Evaluation and selection of the final name: After presenting several name options; tests were conducted and feedback was gathered to select the final name that best represented the Soy Moni identity.

Logo development: Mavity presented three logo proposals to the client; and worked closely with the client to make the necessary adjustments and refine the final design that would capture the essence of the brand and appeal to the target audience.

Defining the visual identity: The creative established a color palette consistent with the Soy Moni brand. In addition; patterns and graphic elements were created to complement the logo.

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Tools used

Mavity's creative team employed a variety of tools to effectively carry out the Soy Moni reBranding project on top of the Mavity platform. They used industry-leading graphic design software; such as Illustrator and Figma; to develop the logos and other key visual elements. These tools provided the designers with the ability to explore multiple options and make quick iterations.

In addition; they chose to use Google Drive to organize project documents; which facilitated real-time access and collaboration for both the creative team and the client. Meetings were also scheduled using Google Meets to conduct working sessions; reviews and presentations with the creative team and the client. This option allowed for fluid and effective communication remotely.

Thanks to the combination of these design and collaboration tools; Mavity's creative team was able to work efficiently; maintain clear communication with the client and achieve the objectives established in the Soy Moni reBranding project.

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The Soy Moni reBranding project resulted in a refreshed and strong brand identity. In addition to the key brand assets; patterns and graphic elements were created that complemented the visual identity and were used in various marketing and communication materials. The end result was a brand manual that included a variety of assets; such as logos in different versions; patterns; graphic universe; letterhead; signature; typography and a defined color palette.

Shared below are comments from the valued client on her satisfaction with the project and the management of the Project Manager at Mavity:

Project delivery:

During the execution of the project; Mavity's Project Manager took proactive steps to ensure efficient and complete delivery of the final assets and documents. As part of this strategy; the project manager created an exclusive folder for Soy Moni; which became a centralized and organized space to store; organize the timeline and all deliverables related to the project.

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A reBranding is essential for a company; as it provides it with the ability to adapt to the ever-changing market and maintain its relevance by attracting new segments and following the latest trends. In addition; a reBranding updates the image and perception of the brand; conveying a modern identity that generates confidence in customers. It also facilitates expansion into new markets or audiences by adapting the brand and marketing messages; thus correcting negative perceptions or addressing existing reputational issues.

The Soy Moni reBranding project was successful in achieving its primary objective of changing the brand name to one that would work effectively in the Latin American market. The new name and refreshed brand identity strengthened Soy Moni's connection with its target audience and conveyed confidence and professionalism. The Branding assets are slowly contributing to its continued growth and success in the financial sector in Latin America.

The fundamental role of Branding in a company cannot be overlooked; as it represents the brand's identity and reputation to the market and consumers. If you are looking to strengthen your existing brand and establish a solid image through a brand manual; Mavity is your strategic ally. Our team of professionals specialized in Branding will work with you to develop a customized brand manual that defines the visual elements; brand voice and communication guidelines; ensuring coherence and consistency in all your marketing actions.

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