Which is the best platform to hire freelancers?

Johana Martinez
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27 Mar
22 Apr

Currently; there are several web platforms on the market to hire freelancers in a simple and agile way. It is increasingly common for companies to hire freelancers for specific projects. This way; they can count on the services of experts in different areas. For example; a company can hire designers for their campaigns and Branding; hire a creative writer for their content or hire a freelance web developer to improve their user experience or develop their website. This is possible without having to hire a full-time employee. This trend of hiring freelancers has been on the rise in recent years and is expected to continue to grow in the near future.


It is common for startups to use freelancers at the beginning of their businesses to reduce costs and accelerate projects. Even in more advanced stages; hiring freelancers is still a viable and convenient option.

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So much so that it is estimated that the freelance worker industry annually contributes between US$23.16 and US$42.9 trillion to the world economy.

In this article; you will find a freelancers' platforms comparison and discover the different sites to find and hire freelancers; more commonly known as online freelance marketplace. You will find out which is the best website to hire freelancers and which is the best freelancing platform that will be most useful for you.


Mavity is a collaboration tool and marketplace to hire creative professionals on demand; its main industries are graphic design; web design; programming; marketing and audiovisual production. At this moment it has more than 14;000 creative freelancers located all over the world; mainly in Latin America.

In the world there are more than 1;500 million freelancers; which is equivalent to 31.4% and only 7% of that total number of freelancers globally is from Latin America. In other words; 100 million people are entering the freelance universe. Thrivenwa; Airtm

At Mavity; you will find high-quality talent; with verified talents that ensure they can develop work with the quality standards required for creative projects that seek to generate a significant impact on early-stage startups.

Mavity's main focus is the creative industries; which has led many agencies; startups; and companies to find an efficient way to find and hire freelancers; optimizing their time in the process.

Mavity's business model is to charge 20% of the total budget to the selected creative in order to continue offering the best clients and guarantee payment on time. However; it is completely free to advertise freelance services. Companies or individuals who wish to hire creative services through Mavity; will not have to pay any additional fees for using the platform or hiring someone.

Advantages of using Mavity:

  • Intuitive; user-friendly; and easy-to-use platform.
  • Top-level creative talent from different countries; especially from Latin America.
  • Mavity takes care of the bureaucratic processes; which helps reduce hiring times and paperwork.
  • You can hire one person or an entire creative team for a project. Work for free with your remote creative team using the Mavity Project Management tool.
  • Project Management tool: This tool allows you to easily track projects for all hired creatives. Set a calendar with specific deadlines and delivery dates; leave comments; and approve deliverables.
  • The Project Management service is an additional service that can be very useful in case you don't want to manage the project yourself. In that case; Mavity will assign you a project manager who will be in charge of coordinating communication with the creative team and carrying out the execution of the project efficiently.

Know how to create a creative project in Mavity

Mavity has positioned itself as the freelancer-employing platform with great growth potential in USA; Europe; and Latin America; being selected by the Techstars Accelerator; the Arch Grants organization; and has been funded by Pharrell Williams through its Black Ambition Fund and Google for Startups among others.


Upwork is one of the most popular freelance platforms for hiring freelancers and is where you will find the largest freelance market. It offers a wide range of talents; from designers and graphic designers to programmers and marketing freelance services. Upwork allows you to post jobs; interview candidates; pay them through its platform; and allow its clients to post all the details of the project and scope of work; while the freelancer will apply for the job.

Upwork business model consists of offering payments to freelancers per day; per hour; or at a flat rate and companies are charged a transaction percentage consisting of 20% of projects under $500; 10% of projects from $500 to $10;000; and 5% of projects from $10;000 and up and also offers a premium subscription that is worth $49.99/month which includes free access to one featured job each month and invitation to freelancers for posting and partnership with a talented specialist.


  • Wide selection of Freelancers in different areas.
  • The platform offers contracting and project tracking options.
  • Platform offers Project Management tools and secure payments.


  • Freelance work can vary greatly; so you must spend time searching for the right candidate.
  • The platform can be overwhelming for new users.
  • Freelancers are mainly based in the United States; so the costs of the services offered are high compared to the local currency used in different Latin American countries.
  • Only individual professionals can be hired and not a complete team with specific characteristics.
  • It is difficult to find qualified talent.
  • Upwork reviews tend to be more negative than positive.


Fiverr is one of the famous freelance platforms that allows you to find and hire freelancers for specific jobs; there are many sites like Fiverr; but today Fiverr is one of the 100 most visited sites in the United States; with approximately 35 million visits per month. You can find freelancers in different areas. Some are professionals and some are not. They post their services based solely on their skills and compete on price. At the moment there are many platforms like Fiverr. Considering that Fiverr and Upwork are the most popular freelancing platforms; for companies the choice between Upwork or Fiverr can be a challenge when looking to hire a freelancer. Both platforms offer different features and benefits for users; and there are other newer platforms that offer better experiences.

Business model of Fiverr; Upwork; and Mavity. Each freelancer posts their work and price. Clients; depending on the needs; will choose the service they require and choose the freelancer that best suits their needs. Payment is made through the Fiverr platform. On Fiverr; it is not possible to publish a project and get candidates.

Business model: 20% take rate for the payment of freelancers. In addition; Fiverr has a premium service for freelancers called Fiverr Workspace; which costs USD $18 per month and offers a number of benefits to its freelancers.

You may be interested in Mavity; the alternative to Fiverr in Latin America.


  • Affordable pricing for basic services.
  • The platform offers Project Management tools and secure payments.
  • Offers a wide range of services in a variety of areas.


  • The largest percentage of freelancers are mainly located in the United States; so the costs of the services offered can be high compared to the local currency used in different Latin American countries.
  • It is not possible to hire a creative team to work on a project; it is only possible to hire individually.
  • Many users are not very professional; which generates dissatisfaction with employers for the low quality of their deliverables.
  • Prices can increase rapidly if additional services are needed.
  • The platform is not suitable for complex or long-term work.
  • For very professional projects; the service tracking tool is not suitable. Because it was designed for low-cost; fast turnaround services; many people have had negative experiences using it on projects that require multiple deliverables and a high degree of complexity. The difficulty in setting accurate delivery dates and keeping track of the project makes it difficult to achieve excellent results in this type of project.


Toptal is a place to hire high-quality freelancers; it has around 350;000 highly skilled and experienced users in areas such as software development; design; and finance. All Toptal freelancers go through a rigorous screening process before being accepted on the platform; which means it only accepts around 3% of applicants.

Toptal's business model is that if someone needs to hire a freelancer; to find out the candidates for a project they must first schedule a call with Toptal's customer service to show them the candidates; also an initial deposit of $500 is required which will be applied as a credit to the first invoice once the hire is made and the percentage they retain from the freelancer varies depending on the value of the project or work to be done.


  • Highly qualified freelancers with experience in specialized areas.
  • The platform offers a quality guarantee and the option to replace a freelancer if they do not meet your expectations.
  • Additional services of the project manager
  • The platform offers Project Management tools and secure payments.


  • The commission rate is high.
  • The freelancer selection process can be rigorous and lengthy; which can delay projects.
  • Prices for Toptal's services are higher than on other platforms.
  • Toptal has a limited supply of talent in different areas; which limits talent search options.


This platform offers a wide variety of creative services; such as graphic design; website development; content writing; marketing; video production; and animation; among others. You can post projects to receive offers from freelancers and select a suitable candidate for your needs and budget.

On PeoplePerHour clients can post projects and receive bids from freelancers interested in the work. Freelancers can also search and apply for jobs posted on the platform.

PeoplePerHour's business model is to charge freelancers a 20% commission on transactions made; and clients or companies that hire freelancers and bill between €5;000 and €6;000 or more will be charged a service fee of 3.5 %.

Between €300 and €5;000 turnover a service fee of 7.5% will be charged and for projects with a turnover of less than €300 a service fee of 20% will be charged.


  • It offers a wide variety of creative services.
  • You can post projects to receive offers from freelancers and select the right candidate according to your needs and budget.
  • As for payment flexibility; freelancers can choose from different payment options such as bank transfers; PayPal; and Payoneer.


  • The fees and commissions you charge are very high.
  • The largest percentage of freelancers are mainly based in the United States; so the costs of the services offered can be high compared to the local currency used in different Latin American countries.
  • Some users have reported problems with the quality of work delivered by some freelancers.
  • You may have difficulty finding highly qualified freelancers in certain creative areas.
  • Problems with customer support: some users have reported problems with the platform's customer support; which can be frustrating if you need help with a specific problem.
  • Limited communication: sometimes communication between clients and freelancers can be limited due to the platform's privacy policies; which can make it difficult to collaborate on some projects.

If you're looking for a creative freelancer for a project; it can be overwhelming to navigate the freelance marketplace list to find the perfect candidate. But don't worry; at Mavity we're here to help. We offer a comprehensive service that allows you to trust us to develop your creative projects. At Mavity; we can also guide you through the process so you can learn how to hire freelancers effectively; following our tips and best practices. If you prefer to save time and opt for a creative agency that takes care of everything; here you can learn how to choose the best design agency.

It is essential to keep in mind that each platform has unique characteristics; terms; and conditions; and may vary in terms of the size of its user base; quality of talent; and cost. Therefore; it is crucial to conduct thorough research and compare the available options to find the platform that best suits your specific needs and budget. If you are looking for specialized talent for a specific activity; it is important to choose a platform that offers that type of talent. For example; if you need creative talent; the best option may be Mavity; as its platform differentiates itself from others by exclusively offering creative talent. Leave your creative projects in the hands of professionals and make a smart investment.

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