5 reasons for a company to invest in design.

Johana Martinez
Content Marketing Lead
31 Oct
22 Apr
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Surely it is a topic that you do not usually talk about much because there are many more important things to solve in your day. But wait a minute; do you want to increase visibility? Generate more sales and differentiate yourself from your competitors. If the answer is yes; this has to be one of the most important issues.
Investing in quality graphic design is often quite influential and allows companies to achieve extraordinary results.

In a study based on the Design Value Index (DVI) conducted by the Design Management Institute; an American institution that connects design to business; it is evident that companies that are design-driven (directed by design / Red Line) outperform companies in the S&P 500 stock market and which shows a return of 211%. on the S&P 500.
Simply put; a company's investment in good design makes them more profitable.

Here are the five reasons why it is vitally important for your company to invest in design

1. Investing in a good design differentiates you from your competitors.

A unique and personalized design is key to making a difference among so many competitors in the market. Ideally; ensure that the design of your brand and all its visual content is created by professionals in your industry.

At Mavity we understand the complexity of different industries; that's why we specialize in developing creative assets for specific industries.

2. Increase your visibility and positioning.

You can have a brand presence on the internet just by having graphic content and a website; however; if you want to have brand positioning and a positive response from your target audience; that alone is not enough. You must have good branded graphic content and a web page optimized to create leads; with an interface design and incredible user experience.

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3. Increases the level of trust and credibility.

Through the brand image; also called Branding; a company transmits its essence. It is important that your target audience has a good and correct perception of what your brand is; which is why it is vital to invest in a brand design and visual identity that corresponds to the desired communication. This makes your users recognize you and follow you because if you have a clear and unique identity; it will make you a great reference in your market.

4. Increase your sales

A company that is well positioned on the Internet and on social networks has many more possibilities for expanding its client portfolio and; consequently; its profitability. Remember that the image plays a very important role. Depending on your image and what you transmit; your potential customers will stay to listen to you or not. That is; if they like what they see; they will give you a chance.

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To achieve a good brand positioning; apart from all the internal work that your company does and the solutions it offers; you cannot leave aside the strategic design of your content; which will help you captivate the eyes of your target audience and meet your needs. your goals.

5. Impress investors!

If you are in the process of fundraising; at Mavity we want to accompany you in the process! It is important that you show investors an investor deck and present a pitch deck along the way. A professional design of these assets to raise capital is quite important to impress and attract the attention of investors so that they take the first step of approaching your brand to learn more about it.

According to Docsend; these are some of the most relevant figures related to the investor's first contact with the Investor Deck.

· 220 seconds an average investor spends on a Deck.
· 96 seconds it takes an average investor to discard a Deck.
· 18 average number of slides of an Investment Deck.

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Do you already have a website but want to improve it visually? or create a new one? Do you want to make a campaign through a video? Do you want to improve your brand communication? Are you looking for investment?... At Mavity; we make it possible.

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