Creative businesses and the future of work

Ana Barajas
14 Feb
22 Apr

We are living in an era where things happen at a really fast pace. The technological revolution has changed things drastically in every field; and the old model of working “under one roof” established during the Industrial Revolution seems to be out of place in our new digital era.

There is no longer a reason to be commuting to a workplace everyday and staying for long hours in an office in order to be productive and get things done. Digital communication has allowed businesses to have consistent results in their goals by configuring global teams that accomplish tasks and enrich the whole experience; while reducing costs related to physical spaces.

Hiring remote talent has become a great option for any type of business; and this also applies to creative businesses. Not long ago art and technology seemed to be diametrically opposed; but now they are the perfect combination to help businesses grow.

While STEM (science; technology; engineering and math) skills used to be the main priority in education and talent acquisition; now everybody is talking about STEAM as the way to go. According to; the “A” in STEAM is meant to be a broad term representing not only the fine arts; but also liberal arts; language arts; social studies; music and physical arts. Arts are getting the attention and priority that they have always deserved.


Creatives are probably one of the best equipped to figure out how to adapt in order to survive in a rapid digital transformation that has accelerated due to the pandemic.

Creativity; strategy and balance

For creative businesses; whether you are working solo or in a team; the usage of technological tools has never been more relevant. One of the main challenges is how to find the perfect balance of time; budget; capacity and talent to keep up with projects and the growing demand for creative services. If you don’t want to commit to full time employees but want to have the best talent to grow or enhance your business; a platform like Mavity is quite possibly a great option.

Mavity is a platform that connects creative teams from design; media; and audiovisual with entrepreneurs; businesses and artists who want to take their work to the next level offering the right tools to ensure that work tasks are completed efficiently and on time.

Some of the advantages that Mavity offers are:

  • Time Savings - Save time doing project budget calculations with tools specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Hire Individuals or Teams - When creating a project and posting the gig you need filled; you can hire up to five roles at a time.
  • Find Exactly the Skills You Need - You can filter profiles by experience; skills or cost to find the right person or the perfect team for your project. Once you have selected the right candidates; you can start a work agreement with deliverables; due dates and budgets.
  • Get Paid Directly - Your team gets paid directly through the platform and your clients receive their projects on time.
  • Automatically Generated Tax Forms - Mavity generates W9 and W8 forms (as well as W8-BEN forms) helping to ensure that the creatives you work with are complying with tax law.

How can freelancers help creative agencies and studios?

Hiring remotely opens up great opportunities for creative agencies and studios to adapt to changing times and to focus on the most important thing: creativity and art.

A team of creatives can really accelerate your brand development and help sell your services while giving you that extra time to explore your ideas and develop your creativity.

Content creators; for example; can help tremendously with email marketing campaigns; social media; video content; PR; marketing; blog updates; newsletters; etc. User interface designers can help you design how your website will look and feel along with providing the clarity you need to communicate better with your potential customers.

These are just a few examples from the wide variety of options that you can explore with Mavity

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