How to make a creative project with Mavity?

Johana Martinez
Content Marketing Lead
17 Jun
22 Apr

Do you want to develop a creative or strategic project and don't know how to start? At Mavity we can help you execute your creative project with the help of our professionals.
Mavity is a remote collaboration marketplace and payment system for remote creative teams. Today it integrates more than 12;000 freelance creative professionals globally which are focused in areas such as:

  • Graphic Design
  • Audiovisual Production
  • Production
  • Photography
  • Video Games
  • Development
  • Marketing

At Mavity; we have helped companies; startups and even creative agencies with projects focused mainly in the areas of design and audiovisual; also in application and web development; graphic content creation; pitch deck; marketing strategies; brand launching and positioning; video Branding; photography; brand kit creation; blog writing and much more.
Here we explain briefly how you can start developing your creative project in Mavity:

1.Create your Mavity account and profile.

Creating an account on Mavity is free! You can create a personal profile or a company profile.

  • Go to: and click on the "Create Account" button at the top right and enter your email address in the pop-up box.
  • Complete the registration form with your first name; last name; username and password.
  • Make sure the password is +8 characters; +1 capital letter; +1 number.
  • Now click on "Register".
  • Then you will get an email for you to confirm the account. Also check your SPAM folder.
  • There you have your account created!


After you have created your account; we invite you to complete your profile either as a person or as a company; so the creative will know to which company or person you are going to provide your creative services.

2. Start a project or gig.

On the top right hand side click on the button that says "START PROJECT".

Then you will complete the form that you are asked to fill in. In this form you will clearly specify all the details of your project.


  • Title of the project: Write the title that identifies your project or specifically what it is about.
  • Description of the project: Here you will clearly describe what your project consists of and every detail of it; the objectives you want to achieve and additional data that you consider important.
  • Reference images: You can include reference images if you wish.


  • Copy the role you are looking for (ex: Graphic Designer).
  • Then click on the arrow on the right to display other specifications.
  • Description: There you will clearly describe the detailed description of the creative you are looking for; especially the deliverables and responsibilities; number of deliverables and specification of each one; deliverable formats; programs to be used among other details.
  • You can add the industry and focus to make it easier for the filters to identify your project.
  • Also add the location of your project; if it is remote or has a specific place where it has to be developed.
  • Choose the required skills you can put the ones you want (e.g. Photoshop; assertive communication; Adobe After Effects).
  • Choose the desired experience (Junior; Mid- level or Senior)
  • Set a budget in dollars (The minimum value must be $100 USD)
  • If you need to add more roles just click on the + sign (Add more roles). You can only add up to 5 different roles.
  • Then review your requirement and you have your project created.

You can see your gig (project) created in the "Explorer" option. At this moment your project is in Posted status.

3. How can I see the applicants to my gig (project)?

Whenever a creative applies to your gig you will receive an email and additionally you will receive a notification to the Mavity platform. You can see the notifications in the bell that appears on the top right side.

  • You can see the applicants to your project by clicking on the thumbnail photo of your profile and then click on "My gigs" there you will find the gig or gigs you have published and at the bottom you will find some thumbnail images of each applicant; click on "view".
  • Immediately you will see the status of your gig and below the applicants; you can see their application; the profile of each applicant and you can even chat with them.
  • To view the profile of each applicant; go to "view application"; then a window will open where you will see the description of each applicant and why they want to work on that project and at the top there are three vertical dots where you can view the applicant's profile; or remove them from the list of applicants.

4. How is the process to hire my creative team in Mavity?

To hire a creative or creative team; go to "view application"; then a window will open where you will see the description of each applicant and you will also see a green button where it says "Send Proposal" confirm the proposal and then you must confirm the value of the gig (project) and you must add the deliverables with date and reference images if you wish and now what you have to do is wait for your creative to respond to your request and accept the deliverables. At this moment your project is in review status.

5. How is the payment process?

When the creative accepts the deliverables; you must add the funds to start the project.

6. Project in progress

After you have hired the creative and made the payment your project will be in progress; you can start receiving deliverables and make comments about it; chat with your creative and be aware of your project with our panel where you will find the project tracking tool to maintain communication with the creative or creatives.

7. Finished project

When the creative finishes with the deliverables and overall with the project; your gig is finished and the payment will be automatically added to the creative's virtual wallet.

That's how easy it is to create your creative project in Mavity and hire your remote team; but if you want to save all the previous steps Mavity also offers the Project Manager service; which will be in charge of your project execution and will be the communication bridge between the client and the creative.

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