AI TOOL KIT : The new all-in-one Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool.

Johana Martinez
Content Marketing Lead
27 Sep
22 Apr
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At Mavity; where we seek to simplify the execution of design and marketing projects by connecting companies and startups with remote creative teams and innovative digital tools; we have recently introduced our own artificial intelligence tool; which we have dubbed "AI TOOL KIT."

At Mavity; our commitment to innovation has led us to also develop internal and external AI applications aimed at delivering higher quality projects and generating process efficiency. With these applications; we not only improve the performance of our creative teams; but also provide our clients with useful tools to monitor and manage their projects.

What is the AI TOOLKIT?

AI TOOL KIT is the answer to the growing demand for intelligent tools that drive efficiency in business operations. This innovative artificial intelligence tool encompasses several key functionalities that can revolutionize the way companies; especially startups; approach their marketing challenges. One of its biggest value-adds is the script generator for investment decks; as it understands the unique nature of startups and their markets; making it an essential ally for this type of business.

For larger companies; where they have other kinds of requirements; we offer a customized AI TOOL KIT; tailored to the specific needs of the company; where all documents generated; have the tone; personality and values of the company. This will streamline the processes of creating written content and standardize brand communications.

Learn here about the future of business creativity with artificial intelligence and how AI is being used to empower idea generation and promote collaboration between humans and AI systems.

Why use AI TOOL KIT?

AI TOOL KIT becomes an ally in the business world by offering an end-to-end solution that eliminates the need to worry about advanced prompts engineering practices or integration with imaging models. Everything is centralized in this powerful tool.
Its features and functionalities not only save time and resources but also increase the quality and efficiency of marketing operations.

Some of the key benefits include:

Increased Efficiency: Perform complex tasks in a matter of minutes; allowing you to focus on strategic activities.

Higher Quality: Artificial intelligence ensures consistency and accuracy in your messages and content.

All-in-one tool: You have at your disposal several tools and necessary resources in one place; which greatly facilitates the implementation of solutions based on artificial intelligence. Find templates for: Copy creation for social networks; blog creation; and SEO optimization; among others.

Ease of Use: AI TOOL KIT has been designed to provide a simple experience from start to finish. Our default set of templates adapts to your specific requirements; allowing you to simply add the requested information.

If you are a startup looking for funding and you need an effective and persuasive speech for your Demo Day; AI TOOL KIT is your answer; don't get complicated; let our tool do it for you; you just provide key information and that's it!


FAQ Generator

Effective landing pages require solid FAQs. With AI TOOL KIT; you can easily generate a list of questions that address the needs and concerns of your potential customers.

Content Boosters List

Running out of ideas for your next article or social media post? AI TOOL KIT is here to inspire you with a list of content topics and approaches - you'll never run out of creative ideas to keep your audience engaged!

Content Expander

Simplicity is key; but sometimes you need to go deeper into a topic to provide your audience with valuable information. AI TOOL KIT allows you to expand your content effectively; allowing you to dig into the details without losing your readers' attention.

Write an Essay

Need to create an essay on a specific topic? AI TOOL KIT can help you structure and develop your ideas effectively; saving you time and effort in the process.

AIDA Framework

The AIDA process is fundamental to marketing. AI TOOL KIT helps you design content that captures Attention; creates Interest; arouses Desire; and ultimately drives Action. How can your business use this proven approach?

Manage customer feedback

Respond quickly and accurately to customer feedback with the help of AI TOOL KIT.

Mailing issues

An email needs to grab attention. AI TOOL KIT creates subject lines that make your emails stand out and get more open.

Content Summary

Save time and simplify complex information by converting lengthy content into effective summaries that keep your audience engaged.

Product descriptions

Highlight your products with attractive descriptions. With AI TOOL KIT convert visitors into customers with persuasive descriptions.

Copies of Instagram Content

Get inspiration and suggestions for your Instagram posts with AI TOOL KIT's copy feature. Stand out on the world's most visual social media platform.

Script Generator for your Investment Deck

Don't know what to put in your deck? AI TOOL KIT generates the script for your deck. Get a 2 to 3-minute script that will help you captivate your audience and potential investors during the demo day.


Need a pitch deck design? Get it now

Campaign Analysis

Analyze your competitors' social media campaigns with precision and gain valuable insights to improve your marketing strategy.

Summarize Content and Improve SEO

Optimize your blog articles and improve your visibility in search engines.

Details of the Skills-Based Project

Customize your projects and role descriptions effectively; taking advantage of its ability to adapt to your specific needs.

Banner Ad

Capture your audience's attention with impactful Instagram story banners and scripts. Generador de guiones de IG Story

In social media; creativity is essential. With IG Story's Script Generator; you'll create Instagram stories that will captivate your audience.

At Mavity; we are building a creative ecosystem that combines human creativity with cutting-edge technology for the execution of unprecedented projects.

Don't get left behind in the age of artificial intelligence. Join Mavity and discover how AI TOOL KIT can improve your company's optimization; giving you a competitive advantage in an ever-evolving business world.

Are you ready to start unleashing the full power of Artificial Intelligence with AI TOOL KIT?

Start for free today!

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