Mavity: Latin American alternative to Fiverr

Juan Soto
8 Mar
22 Apr

The search for freelancers is becoming more common every day; especially in this era; where remote work has become increasingly normal and there are more businesses and companies that need to hire people for specific jobs.

When searching freelancers for specific jobs there are certain problems that make this task difficult; where factors such as the speed of finding them; the expected quality of work and the ease of hiring them come into play.

Because of this; different platforms have emerged to optimize these search processes that have managed to position themselves in different markets; such as Fiverr; which has managed to position itself in the markets of Europe and the United States mainly; but what about Latin America?

Today we will show you an alternative to Fiverr for hiring freelancers in Latin America: Mavity.

In this article; we will review the pros and cons that Fiverr has; and additionally; we will show the alternative that is emerging as a platform to find talent more easily in different countries in the region such as Colombia; Mexico; Argentina; Peru; Ecuador and Spain; among others.


Find the best talent for your business. See here a comparison of the marketplaces for hiring freelancers.

After an exhaustive investigation; we've noticed that Fiverr is a platform that has been very well received in the market; but has presented some shortcomings that have generated that its public has several complaints or nonconformities with the services found. Among these are:

  • Freelancers are mainly located in the United States; so the costs of the services offered are high compared to the local currency used in different Latin American countries. This generates that the services required exceed the budgets of companies and entrepreneurs who need to hire this type of freelancer.
  • Many users are not highly professional. Due to the nature of Fiverr; where the goal was to be able to offer digital services for USD $5;00; there are many people who offer low-quality creative services; which generates dissatisfaction in employers because they do not specifically require amateur services; but in most occasions; high-quality services are required for highly professional jobs.
  • Only individual professionals can be hired and not a complete team with specific characteristics; this means that if a project is required to be done with more than one person; Project Management and tracking becomes complicated; as each team member must be managed separately; which can create challenges in achieving successful Project Management. The service tracking tool is not suitable for highly professional projects. Many people have had a bad experience with project tracking and this is due to the nature of the platform; which; as mentioned above; was designed for low-priced; quick turnaround services. In the case of having a project that requires multiple deliverables and a high degree of difficulty; it is difficult to track properly; set deadlines and therefore achieve excellent results

Currently; Mavity has entered the market as a more professional solution for the search and hiring of creative professionals in the Latin American market.

Mavity is a collaborative tool and marketplace for the search of professionals in the creative industries on demand. This means that if you are looking for creative freelancers in Colombia; Mexico; Argentina; or other Latin American countries; this is the platform where you should look for them.

Mavity - the collaboration tool for creative teams

The main objective is to further professionalize the hiring of creative services from freelance professionals; with a focus on reducing time and costs when searching for this freelance talent.

Mavity currently has more than 14;000 professionals in industries such as design; audiovisual; marketing; advertising; photography; music; programming; art; and video games. Additionally; it has an intuitive interface; which makes it very easy to use.

The talent found on the platform is high- quality; we have focused on verifying profiles that can ensure that they are high quality so that the people who hire them can receive deliverables with the required standards for business projects that can generate impact.

Our exclusive focus on creative industries has generated that different agencies; startups; and companies that need to hire freelancers in these industries; use the platform to optimize their time in these search processes and ensure the quality of the contracted services.

Mavity features

  • Top talent from different countries in Latin America; United States; and Europe.
  • Ease of use of the platform: Posting a job offer is very simple; receiving applications from candidates happens very quickly and the selection process is easy and generates an excellent user experience.
  • Hiring creative professionals is simple. This platform means that freelancers do not have to be asked for legal documents to formalize their hiring (payment of social security and severance pay); Mavity takes care of all these bureaucratic processes; reducing hiring times.
  • The hiring of creative teams. Here you can hire different creative professionals in a single project; allowing you to optimize the follow-up; communication; and organization in the project that needs to be done. It is as easy as publishing a project and within it; you can select the different roles that will have a place; therefore; the monitoring of the project will be easier to perform and the result will be of better quality. This saves time and will improve the productivity of whoever is coordinating it.
  • Project tracking tool. This tool allows tracking projects easily; which ensures good communication between freelancer and employer; showing delivery dates; allowing easy sharing of documents; unifying all communication through a single channel; and monitoring all freelancers hired on the same project.
  • Project manager service. This is an additional service offered by the platform; in case there is not an in- house role to manage a whole new project; Mavity will assign a Project Manager; who will be in charge of having active communication with the employer and with all the hired professionals to guarantee an adequate delivery of the required services.
  • Creative freelancers prefer Mavity over other marketplaces; as they offer cross-border payments to over 200 countries.
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